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Samples of illustrations for logos, print, multi-media, the web, boat graphics, and more. 
The Karib Kids Adventures illustrations were created for a children's book and multi-media project.

Karib Kids Christmas Illustration

Karib Kids: Caribbean Christmas

Karib Kids On the Water

Karib Kids: On the Water

Karib Kids Harbor Master

Karib Kids: Harbor Master

Karib Kids Snorkel

Karib Kids: Snorkeling

Logo Illustration

Naughty Gull Logo Illustration

Logo Illustration

Scrub Buds Logo Illustration

Logo Illustration

Logo for Embroidery

Web Illustration

Property Illustration for Website

Water Company Mascot

Water Company Mascot

Boat Graphic Illustration for Catamaran

Boat Graphic-Leopard Catamaran


Just for Fun

Taishan Panda

Just for Fun

School Bus Illustration

Poster Illustration

Gauge for Publication

Publication Illustration

Orca Moonlight Breach

Digital Art

Ocean Sunset

Digital Art