What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing-Southern MarylandSome still refer to it as Internet Marketing. It's all about getting found online, generating leads and turning them into customers. It's the process of building and maintaining customer relationships through online activities. People are using the internet more than ever to socialize, conduct business, purchase goods and services, search for information and be entertained.

Why It's Better than Traditional Marketing

• The consumer is in control ... he's not interrupted by ads
• It's convenient
• Increases satisfaction
• Shortens sales cycle
• Reduces cost of sales
• Builds brands and brand loyalty
• Gets targeted results
• It's measurable
• And, it's more cost effective

Digital Marketing Objectives that Can Help Your Business

• Reaching the right audience
• Engaging with your audience (when words fail, get their attention with video or infographics)
• Delivering content that motivates a visitor to take action
• Providing better control of campaign expenditures
• Improving return on investment

Components of Digital Marketing

• User-friendly website design across all devices
• Search Engine Optimization of websites
Location Marketing
Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns
• Social Media
• Banner ads
• Affiliate marketing
• Email marketing
• Content marketing
• Online reputation management
Video: on your website, in social media and live streaming

Are you ready to improve your web presence and get more customers?