Should You Have a Facebook Business Page Instead of a Website?

The answer is NO. But, you should consider having both.

Social Media Computer ScreensWhen a consumer is searching for a product or service, they turn to the Internet. They expect to find a business website with an online store for products and social media presence for social proof. However, they don't want to be bombarded with promotions on social channels. Search engines scan the web for information about your business including your website, social channels, directory listings, blogs, and more.

A Facebook business page has some limitations. Even though it's a way to engage with fans, "Likes" don't mean as much as "Engagement." Engagement can be an indicator that you have shown enough value to your visitors that they want to see more. Just remember, visitors don't want to be sold; they want to know more about your business.

There may come a time when your visitors grow tired of your posts and stop visiting your page. When this happens, Facebook will begin to remove your posts out of your previously-engaged News Feed. Facebook has Promote a Post (for a fee) to reach those who have "Liked" your page and their friends. When your engagement drops, you will need to start paying for exposure ... either through promoting a post or buying advertising.

With a Facebook business page, you don't have complete control or ownership of your brand. Adding a background photo, logo, contact information, and posts including photos and videos is a limited brand experience. There's isn't enough real estate available for valuable information about your company, your product or service. A dedicated website will allow you to have total control of your brand. You own it! You can include social share buttons for your visitors to share your content through various social channels and via email. We also advise adding links to your social channels.

Search engines crawl the web looking for websites, accurate directory listings, social media, etc. Having engaging social channels is a plus for your web presence. A Facebook page can be found via a search engine but you don't have the same SEO control as with a dedicated website. Through Search Engine Optimization and content marketing you will be able to write content and tags to include exact phrases and keywords used in search. Optimizing a Facebook page is limited.


    1. In addition to your website, you should have a Facebook page and other social channels in place.
    2. They are, for the most part, free providing you with additional brand exposure.
    3. You should post frequently and use the 80-20 rule ... limit your sales posts to 20%.