Posting Google+ Content Gets Immediate Results

Did you know that Google+ pages and profiles can greatly help you rank in search results?

Google Plus

It’s true. Google+ is a powerful search engine marketing tool for businesses, influencers, and personal brands. Sharing blog posts/articles on Google+ is an excellent way to:

• rank for keywords that you might not be able to elsewhere
• drive traffic to your Google+ profile and then back to your website

Like many other businesses, we have a Google+ page but don’t actively post content. Well, that’s changed. As we write more articles for our website, we also post to our social media channels. This is a part of our SEO strategy.

We’ve read where Google content gets indexed almost immediately and appears in search results. This bit of information prompted us to test Google by posting an article on our website containing an infographic and tips for successful video online marketing. The page had not been crawled or indexed, so we posted on our Google+ and Facebook pages with a link to the article on our website.

We Saw Immediate Results

Within minutes, the Google+ post was indexed and showing as #2 in organic search results. The screen capture below shows it was posted “6-mins ago.” We didn’t immediately search Google so we’re not sure how quickly it appeared in search results. However, 6 minutes or less is much better than days or weeks. Note: we did not include location in our search terms.

Search Results for Google+ Posts


Granted, the link is to our Google+ page but the post contains a direct link to the article on our website.

These results prove that Google crawls and ranks their own social network higher and faster. We did not find our Facebook post in search results. We will be watching to see how quickly the article page appears in search results. However, it appears that the article listing in search results is only seen by those in your circle. We are watching to see how well the article page performs in search results outside our circle.

The results of our test should be an incentive for you to start posting to your Google+ page.

Google+ Facts

• 73.7% users are male
• 26.3% users are female
• 40% are Marketers
• Google+ has 440 million monthly active users
• There are approximately 2.2 billion profiles
• 8 new users join every second
• The average user spends 12 minutes a day on Google+
• 70 out of the top 100 brands are on Google+
• Brands on Google+ have more followers than on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest combined

Important Tasks for Completing Your Google+ Page

• Complete your Google+ personal profile.
• Make sure your Google+ page contains information about your business.
• Build your Google+ network by using Google+ Circles. More people in your circle; you should get more results.
• Don't forget to add a G+ icon and link to your Google+ page on your website.
• Be sure to post often.