Are you overwhelmed with passwords and usernames?

Username Password ScreenIf so, you're not alone. Even if you only have dozens to remember, it's time to implement a method, use a tool for better management of passwords, evaluation of their strength, and elimination of duplicates.

When you subscribe to services, you usually set a username and password with the occasional secret question(s) for resetting your forgotten password. Because identity theft is a daily occurrence, it's also advised that you frequently change your log-in credentials. Yikes! How many post-it notes, scraps of paper or files do you need to keep? Are you storing your log-in credentials in a spreadsheet, on your phone or, ???

Now is the time to get a password management tool. Most password management tools store your passwords, auto-generate strong passwords requiring you to remember only the password for your password manager, and flags duplicates or those that need to be improved ... strengthened.

Things you should know:

  1. Anyone with access to your computer could access your passwords ... your accounts.

  2. Passwords saved in a browser are not securely stored.

  3. 99% of cracked passwords were alphanumeric and didn't contain any special characters or symbols.

  4. The average financial damage from internet fraud is $1,409.

  5. You have a 69% chance of being a victim of cybercrime.

Tools to Check Out


If you visit the Dashlane website, you'll see they claim to be the world's best password manager and secure digital wallet ... and it's FREE. Your passwords will be encrypted; there isn't a derivative; your account is hosted wtih Amazon AWS; and, you only need one password (the one you set to access Dashlane).

We're using Dashlane and here's what we found:

  1. You can automatically import your passwords from Chrome or any other browser into your secure password vault.

  2. Save any missing passwords as you browse.

  3. Make a new password right within your browser.

  4. Get automatic alerts when websites get breached. In other words, don't log-in on the hacked site as your password will be captured.

  5. Dashlane offers a password manager, autofill of forms, digital wallet, and security (encryption and hosting with Amazon AWS). For only a few dollars per month, you can sync Dashlane to all your devices to access your passwords from anywhere. And you'll get automatic backups for your data and more!

    Dashboard example:

    Dashlane Dashboard Example


With LastPass, you will only need to remember one master password. You work faster as LastPass signs-in to all of your accounts. And you can have easy access to your passwords from anywhere by using automatic sync across all browsers and devices. Your data is encrypted. There is a FREE version that works on any device. And there are two paid versions offering a few more features.

Features include:

  1. Generate random passwords

  2. LastPass generates new passwords for new accounts for you

  3. Get alerts on security issues with your passwords

  4. LastPass can automatically change passwords for you with 1-click

LastPass ScreenAnd you can store more with Secure Notes

  1. Keep digital records such as insurance cards, memberships, prescriptions.

  2. Credit card information for online shopping

  3. Securely share passwords (e.g. online bill paying with spouse)

Sticky Password

With Sticky Password, you're in control ... at any time, you can decide to delete the database manually from the cloud. Your data is encrypted and secure. And as with the other tools, there is a FREE version and a paid version.

  1. You will only need to remember one password. 

  2. Sticky Password manages all of your passwords and personal data.

  3. It automatically fills in forms.

  4. Sticky Password generates extra-strong new passwords when you need them.

  5. And, it stores credit caard numbers for express checkout.

Dashboard example:

Sticky Password Dashboard