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How visible is your business online?

Have you searched for your website and couldn't find it listed on page one? A search engine's mission is to deliver links to quality content relevant to a search query. If your website isn't showing on page one, it could be due to a number of things including lack of quality content, not mobile-friendly, page load speed, bad or missing tagging, internal and external links, etc.

We can help you get to page 1.

Oasis Grafx performs basic search engine optimization (SEO) for every website we design. SEO is a vital part of the design process and should be on-going as search engines constantly change the method in which sites are ranked. It's our job to stay current with changes and to monitor your site's ranking and perform optimization where needed.

Local/Mobile Search

Because consumers are using mobile devices more than the desktop to find local businesses, it's important that your website be mobile-friendly and optimized for local search. Did you know the first orgnanic listing in mobile still gets 73% more clicks than the first and second sponsored listings (ads) combined?

And mobile visitors will click on the top four organic listings because they often do not scroll below the top 4 listings.

Optimizing for User Intent – Organic or Ads

What is User Intent? It falls into three main categories.

  • Navigational – The user is trying to get to a certain site. (e.g. Facebook, bank, government, home builder)

  • Informational – The user is looking for information on topics, local businesses, products or services. (e.g. signs of appendicitis, single-family home prices in D.C., 10 best smartphones in the US)

  • Transactional – The user is prepared to buy or to perform a call-to-action. (e.g. subscribe to Washington Post, FREE home renovation estimate, best buy Galaxy smartphone prices)

So, it's more than using keywords. It's conversational whether the searcher is using voice search or typing in the search bar. Failing to consider the intent of searches in PPC could result in quickly spending the campaign daily budget. If users are performing informational or navigational searches and they click on ads without the intent of purchasing anything, the advertiser is still charged for those clicks, resulting in wasted traffic spend with little chance of conversion.

However, using high commercial intent keywords can offer several advantages to advertisers. Example: the searcher is clearly indicating their intent to make a purchase by including high commercial intent keywords in their query.

Whether you need SEO for organic listings or pay per click campaigns, we will work with you to learn more about your business, your customers and then create customer personas which help to identify areas where quality content is needed. Through multi-channel research, we focus on delivering content that can answer user intent queries .... closer to the user’s intent with a strong chance of converting them to customers.

Social Media

Social Media plays an important role in building brand awareness and search engines look to see that a company is involved in social media. Being social will help to boost your online ranking. Who makes up your audience and their interests directly determines your ability to sell to them. If you want success using social media, you'll need to identify what specific topics would be best to post. Many businesses don't have the time or realize the importance of maintaining their social presence. If you find you don't have the time to set-up or manage your social network, we can get you started and keep you connected. We'll evaluate, plan, design, and manage your social media freeing-up time for you to manage your business.

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