SEO Can Build Your Online Business

Optimizing your website for search can build traffic to your site and build your business. Whether your selling services or products, search engine optimization (SEO) should begin with a strategy. There's a lot to consider in addition to your business goals ... think about your site's content, design, links and tracking. Optimizing your website involves incorporating all of these elements to create an attractive website for your visitors and search engines.

Let's start with:

Design that's Search Engine-Friendly

SEO Web StrategySEO starts at the foundation of your website's design. Your website design could have a negative affect or even prevent search engines from reading and indesing your site's information. SEO is more than sprinkling a few keywords in title tags, meta tags and header tags. Design for SEO includes tactical use of images and other design components that can't be read by search engines. For example, keywords can be used as text links for linking internal pages instead of using a button or other image.

Page load speed can affect your site's ranking in search. If a visitor has to wait long for a page to load, he will most likely move on to another site. Here's a list of things that can slow down the speed of loading a web page:

    You've heard "you get what you pay for." It means if you pick the wrong web host, a cheap web host, you might experience slow page loads and possible service downtime due to your site or the server being comprimised..

    Over-sized images can certainly lower page load speed. Images should be optimized and sized to fit the area on the page. When a browser rescales an image to fit within an area, the load speed slows down.

    You should test your website on all browsers since they do not load your site in the same way.

    Ads can irritate your visitor and lots of ads have the drawback to slow down your page speed.

    Some highly designed themes containing a lot of effects can slow down page loads.

    Some social buttons or comment areas can have an impact of your page speed.

    If your HTML/CSS is not efficient or too dense, it will lower your page speed. Minimize the css and js files.

Inbound Links Equals Link Juice

Building quality and relevant links to your website can build traffic to your site and increase its relevance in the eyes of search engines

SEO Should Be Ongoing

Optimizing your site once or twice and thinking you're good to go is a mistake. For long-term success, you should plan on tracking the success of search results and make adjustments in response to your findings. Continued success requires updating your website and revising your content so it responds to existing customer behavior and current trends. How do you do this? Track visitor behavior and use that information to make content and design revisions.

Online Marketing

Optimizing your site can take some time before you see results. To get immediate results, consider pay per click (PPC) advertising. You will see your site show in the results paid ad section of the web page and in some cases, your site might appear organically on pages containing your ad. However as all things in web success, the ads need to be set correctly linking to a landing page containing the specific offer. Your quality score can affect how much you pay per click and your positioning.