Southern Maryland Outdoor Advertising-Signage Design

Do you pay attention to billboards or signs as you travel down a road or highway? If you do, you're probably aware that you only have a second or two to absorb the message before you're distracted by another sign or more importantly, traffic. A billboard's message should connect and leave the reader with a clear message.

Bus Shelter SignageThe design approach should be to build the message with a word or phrase that gives meaning and purpose to the reader. It could be a pun or a word that stands out. Consider using a message that either informs, amuses, or entertains the reader.

This bus shelter sign was designed with the location in mind. It's near a busy intersection where traffic either slows or stops allowing more time for passersby to read the sign. We incorporated the orange and blue curve graphic and the wrapped truck (branding images) to promote brand awareness.


So how should a billboard be designed for a busy highway? Keep it simple. Phone numbers, street and web addresses may not be remembered and there certainly won't be time to jot them down. Keep text to a minimum since paragraphs of text like you find in print ads won't be read.

HVAC BillboardHere's a seasonable approach using both an image and word to set the topic. We don't print signs or wraps in-house, but work closely with sign shops to meet their specs for getting the best possible results when printing our artwork.

If you've thought about adding mobile advertising ... fleet graphics to your marketing strategy, here's some information and examples of mobile advertising and its effectiveness.

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