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Build your business with Video Marketing.

Video marketing is a great way to communicate with potential customers. Studies show that more people prefer to watch a video than read an article. Video can be downstreamed to smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and television. It's video on demand and there is a huge demand for video, 24/7.

So how does video marketing benefit a business?

1. Educates the consumer about products and services
2. Builds brand awareness
3. Builds trust and credibility
4. Generates leads
5. Encourages consumers to share information with others
6. Improves ranking with search engines
7. Increases sales


Video for the Web

We've produced video for local businesses located in Southern Maryland, including Charles, St. Mary's, Anne Arundel, Calvert, and Talbot counties, New York, Vermont, and Central America. Video for the web is often a better way to inform the consumer about your product or service. VIdeos could be a repurposed t.v. spot, instructional, educational, fun, or entertaining. Most consumers would rather watch video than read a page filled with text. Using video on a web page keeps the visitor on the page longer which in turn helps with search engine ranking. Often videos are shared increasing traffic to your site.

Video Profiles

Storytelling can grab and hold the audience's attention and build an emotional connection which is often a contributor to a buying decision. (Over 50% of purchases are based on emotions.) Telling your backstory sets the scene and purpose for your greater story about your product or service. We build professional video profiles that connect with your audience, build brand awareness, credibility and trust. For more information, check out BackStory Video.

Television Commercials

We also produce t.v. spots for businesses located in Southern Maryland. If you're interested in running a commercial on Comcast, we can place the buy and produce the spot.

Video for Events & Training

Using video to record events, provide training, promote your products and services will increase brand recognition. We produce video for training and events such as banquets and trade shows, and corporate brochures for distribution on DVD. We author DVDs, design DVD packaging, make duplications, and can assist you with arranging replication of large quantities for distribution.

We are currently using a JVC broadcast quality HD camera, LED lighting, green screen, and other accessories. Our edit bay includes hours of HD footage, music, sound fx, animations, and professional post production software. Our location shoots include shooting B-roll footage and still photos with our DSLR camera.

Visit our Video Gallery to see samples of animations, video for the web, backstory video, and t.v. spots.

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